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Alain Schlesser on the Cost of Contribution

I’ve never really been someone who contributed to WordPress in a disciplined and direct way. (Which is to say, I’ve never had code I’ve written pulled into the WordPress project.) As a result, I can’t really say what the cognitive landscape of doing that is like. Which is precisely why I found this article from Alain Schlesser (best known to me for his work on WP-CLI) so interesting.

Easier Lazy Loading (for Chrome)

So, Chome 76 (or later. But what version of Chrome am I running anyway?) is getting a feature that would have saved me at least a little work on a few client projects. That is, it’s making lazy-loading of images and iframes as easy as:

Ryan Sullivan’s Comparison of WordPress Form Plugins

Akin to Fred’s thorough answer on “the best page builder for WordPress”, Ryan Sullivan recently published over on WP Site Care a thorough analysis of six of the biggest form plugins for WordPress. He goes in depth, and doesn’t leave out much I could think to have wanted compared. So if you’ve already got a favorite form plugin, and or want to know how your personal favorite compared, give it a look.