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How to Change WordPress User Passwords via FTP

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A member from the WPShout Facebook Group blew my mind last week with this set of instructions for either resetting WordPress user passwords or adding new users using only an FTP connection. This was in response to our Quick Guide that describes how to do the same thing inside phpMyAdmin, which requires cPanel (or similar) access. For many situations, I believe this FTP route is quite a bit simpler and requires requesting less complete access from your clients.

How to Run an Inclusive Conference

Inclusivity is a great goal for any event that’s open to anyone who doesn’t know each other well. I feel like one of the many small steps one can take to decrease the feeling of loneliness people experience as remote technical teams is making sure that when you are in person the atmosphere is welcoming and comfortable for everyone.

What It’s Like Making a WooCommerce Extension

I’ve often idly considered what it was like to become an author of WooCommerce extensions (plugins) to be sold on Because I have so many other priorities, I’ve never sought out that information for myself. But care of the Post Status newsletter, I discovered that Devin Price has written up exactly what the experience was like. How his plugin was challenged and made better, and what it’s like getting set up to sell.