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My Experience Working in a Code for America Brigade

For those who are really into WordPress community events, and world-wide, there’s do_action. For people in the US, there’s something called Code for America, and local brigades. My local brigade is called Code for Fort Collins, and I’m more-or-less in charge right now. The terms for this whole area aren’t super clear for me, some say “civic hacking”, some call it “charity hackathon”, I typically call it “trying to do good” which is maybe less useful. :p

“How to Get Web Design Clients”

how to get web design clients

“How do I get clients?” This is the eat-or-don’t-eat question for any web developer—especially a freelancer, and especially a freelancer early in his or her career. If there were a magic answer, you’d have heard about it by now. But there is good advice to at least give structure and a system to the difficult task of finding your way in the marketplace.