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Adding Custom Hooks in WordPress: Custom Actions

If you’re doing custom development in WordPress, having a firm grasp on how to use custom hooks is an absolute essential. While we’ve written on the topic a lot, there’s always more to learn. This nice tutorial from WordPress leader Tom McFarlin does a great job of explaining the hook system and how to implement it. Understanding this topic is very empowering as a developer and will make you significantly more flexible in the work you can accomplish, so don’t miss this one!

“How Much Does a Website Cost” Estimation Tool

If you’ve ever wondered if you’re underpricing your services as a developer, check out “How Much Does a Website Cost” by Crew. It’s a cool tool that allows you to pick the features that will be included on a site and spits out a final estimate for custom work. It’s not WordPress specific, but does allow you to select CMS as a feature. I used a pretty simple site as my own example and was pretty shocked by the final number. It seems like the WordPress community is constantly struggling with pricing, so let us know if the comments if this lines up with what you charge!

The Monster That is a Poor Database Schema

If you’ve ever worked on a project as a new developer that you’ve later scaled up, this most recent post from Pippin of Pippin’s Plugins is a must read. Pippin shares his thoughts on dealing with an early implemented design pattern that later presented some major difficulties after the project grew. While it’s difficult to have the foresight to predict how choices you make in your code will impact things down the road, Pippen provides some great insight which will hopefully prevent you from making some of the same frustrating mistakes.

What Makes a WooCommerce Website Successful?

If you haven’t checked out the WP Tonic Podcast yet, now is a great time to tune in. In this episode, WordPress leaders Scott Buscemi, Sallie Goetsch, Morten Rand-Hendriksen, and John Locke discuss WooCommerce and share their thoughts on how you can actually be successful using it on your site. There’s also a very interesting discussion about some of the WordPress world’s more notable recent news stories. I really appreciated their thoughts on Automattic’s structure (or lack their of) and how it impacts developers.

Running a Business While Keeping Up With Changing Technology

In this recent post over at envato tuts+ WordPress leader Tom McFarlin shares some of the key lessons he’s learned about navigating changing technology as a developer. Tom first shared his insights at his recent talk on the same topic at WordCamp San Diego, which you can catch the video of. I appreciated his advice to go deep rather than broad when it comes to your knowledge. In an industry like web development where tools change so rapidly, it’s helpful to have examples of people who have committed to WordPress almost exclusively and been very successful because of it.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO): An Overview

Search engine optimization or SEO can help your website get a lot more visitors, which in turn can mean lots more clients or product sales. To help you get a better understanding of SEO, this week’s post over on the Press Up blog gives a good overview with some actionable advice. This is a great one if you yourself are new to SEO, or to pass along to clients.

How to Determine What to Build With WordPress

If you’re coming to WordPress after working with another technology, or just aren’t entirely sure yet where you fit in the WordPress ecosystem, check out this great piece by  over on Tut+. In it, he breaks down the key areas of WordPress that you can contribute to, and explains what makes each area unique. It’s great to be reminded just how many people with different areas of expertise make this community what it is!

How to Move Primary Navigation To Header Right in Utility Pro

If you’re getting to know the Genesis framework, or are working with Carrie Dils’ Utility Pro theme specifically, check out his nice little tutorial from Ginger Coolidge on how to customize your header and move your Primary navigation. It’s a fairly easy change to make that will make you more comfortable editing your functions.php file and and doing styling within a child theme.

Book Review: Duct Tape Marketing

If you’re a freelancer or small business owner who feels a little lost when it comes to how you should be promoting yourself online, check out Genesis expert Carrie Dils’ recent review of Duct Tape Marketing by John Jantsch. Carrie’s book club for her podcast is a great resource for finding new material that’s related to the world of WordPress. I really appreciated her key takeaway on the importance of creating a complete marketing funnel with something for every kind of visitor who lands on your site. Check it out!