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Easier Site Migrations: Avoiding DNS Problems with the hosts File

what's in a name | dns propagation

Over this past month, I’ve needed to migrate quite a few WordPress sites from one host to another. I can say with confidence: it’s still not my favorite process. There’s nothing that should be complex about it, but somehow there are enough moving parts that it’s never simple, and you feel on edge throughout. If you’ve ever put together a chair from Ikea, you’ll know what I’m talking about.

PHP Configuration Changes with php.ini and phpinfo()


If you do enough WordPress development, you’ll eventually find yourself in need of some PHP environment changes. These’ll look slightly different depending on circumstance, but you’ll have an issue that requires you change the way PHP behaves. Maybe you need to extend the execution time for long-running script that you really must run. Maybe you need to increase the upload limit because a client insists they let their team upload 500 megabyte PDFs.