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10-ish Unix CLI File Commands Every WordPress Developer Should Know

Two weeks ago, we published a conceptual primer on the command line for WordPress developers who’ve never used it and never thought of using it. That article didn’t really touch on any of the nitty-gritty of using the command line, though. And the heart of deftly using the command line is really down to having sufficient knowledge of a bunch of different commands that you can use.

Navigating the Filesystem from the Command Line

This week’s Quick Guide isn’t specifically about WordPress. Instead, it’s a very brief primer on getting comfortable with the command line by navigating the filesystem on my Mac. As this week’s article explaining the core things you need to understand about the command line highlighted, a Mac is a Unix-like system as is Linux. This means that the commands this Quick Guide highlights are equally appropriate for your WordPress server, which has about a 98% chance of being some Linux variant.

What is the Command Line? CLIs from First Principles

A bus terminal

Eventually it happens to every new WordPress developer: someone blithely tells you to just “pop over to the command line” and suddenly you feel like a fraud. You shouldn’t–everyone is new once, and someone who won’t explain what they mean by that to you is a jerk–but you do. Most new developers hit that point, often at a local meetup or WordCamp. This is a tutorial for anyone who’s currently stuck there. And for people who are no longer stuck there, I’ll try to include enough details and anecdotes that you’ll learn a little something too.

Easier Site Migrations: Avoiding DNS Problems with the hosts File

what's in a name | dns propagation

Over this past month, I’ve needed to migrate quite a few WordPress sites from one host to another. I can say with confidence: it’s still not my favorite process. There’s nothing that should be complex about it, but somehow there are enough moving parts that it’s never simple, and you feel on edge throughout. If you’ve ever put together a chair from Ikea, you’ll know what I’m talking about.