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How to Fix a Syntax Error After You’ve Broken Your WordPress Site with the Appearance Editor

While writing a Quick Guide on a different topic, I had the idea that maybe just this once it would be OK to edit my code in the Appearance editor (at “Appearance > Editor” on most WordPress sites.). I should know better after reading all about how this isn’t a good idea, but what can I say, sometimes you just have to learn hard lessons yourself. If you’re curious, here’s where I made my silly mistake:

How to Locally Install WordPress on your Mac

Installing WordPress is one of those tasks that can be a little scary the first time. In this post we’ll walk step-by-step through the process to complete a local install of WordPress on your Mac. The process relies on some Mac-specific features, but some of the steps are shared with doing the installation or Windows, or a hosting account.

How to Install MAMP on your Mac

MAMP is a program that allows you to install a local server environment on your computer. It stands for Mac, Apache, MySQL, and PHP. For Windows, check out WAMP. LAMP — Linux, Apache, MySQL, and PHP is the classic set of applications WordPress runs on. It’s not unlikely that your current WordPress server still runs exactly that stack. For even more about this whole thing and what it has to do with WordPress, check out our “A WordPress LAMP!?” article.

Three Things You Need Before Making Changes to Your CSS

One of the first things I’ve needed to learn to get good at WordPress development is how I can make some custom changes to my CSS. While I’ve been tempted to do this from the appearance editor on the WordPress admin area, I’ve heard from a few sources that this is a pretty bad idea. So, I decided to do things properly and make a child theme. However, before making a child theme, there are three things I’ll need first: