Bonus video: Exploiting an SQL Injection Vulnerability

This is a short video from WordPress Security with Confidence showing me (David) attacking a “Bobby Tables” vulnerability using a popular attack tool called SQLMap. SQLMap is a very effective means for either a security researcher or a security attacker to take down your WordPress site by doing things like, as this video shows, finding you password with a simple cracking attempt. While I’m not a skilled hacker, I can clearly script-kiddie with the best of them. My success in this video at running a SQL injection attack really shows just how important it is to write vulnerable WordPress code, and how important it is to userstand both the whats and whys of secure WordPress development.

Like this video? There are tons more like it in our paid course, WordPress Security with Confidence. This comprehensive video course covers all the common vectors of attach, and protection you can practice, to protect a WordPress site. You’ve heard all the advice 1000 times before, but so many of the articles are written by people who don’t know or can’t explain the why. Why is the advice to make sure you have a strong password necessary? Why should I move my login page? Why do I want to above SQL injection attacks?

WP Security with Confidence tells you all those things and more. And it does it in an approachable way that doesn’t bore you with long digressions or needless complexity. Just exactly what you need to be confident about the security of the your WordPress site and it’s code. No more than that.