10 WordPress themes that make great frameworks


Two things have exploded recently: the number of people designing their own WordPress themes and the number of wordpress ‘frameworks’. So. If you’re reading this either you’re a theme designer or you’re probably interested in making your own theme. In this post we’ll look at ten themes that make great themeworks. They’re not themes that market themeselves as themeworks, but regular themes that make great frameworks.

10. Shades of Blue

This is a great blog-like theme from Brian Gardner, of Revolution/StudioPress fame.

Why does it make a great framework? Widgitised footer and sidebar, pages displayed dynamically at the top of the theme.



9. iTheme

iTheme has some brilliant features, most notably the moveable sidebars! If you’ve got the ideas to take this theme further, then it’d make a great framework.

Why does it make a great framework? Wouldn’t you just love moveable and collapsible sidebars in your theme?



8. DarkZen

DarkZen is a solid theme, with lots of scope for customisation.



7. Unwakeable

It’s based on K2. I need say no more.

Why does it make a great framework? Uh uh. It’s based on K2. I already said that.



6. 1024px

A very clean and simple theme, 1024px makes a great starting point.

Why does it make a great framework? It’s in the simplicity. You can do whatever you like with a theme if you use this as a starting point. Award winning website design.



5. Andreas01

From the same designer that brought you the 1024px theme above, the andreas01 template is another refreshingly simple theme that has great scope for customisation.

Why does it make a great framework? Again, it’s the scope for development that makes this theme a great framework.



4. Cubiso

Cubiso makes a great base if you’re making a bloggy theme – the scope for customisation is massive.

Why does it make a great framework? Cubiso has the basics in place, all you have to do is apply a little magic to it and you’ve got your own great theme.



3. Digital Statement

Want to make a magazine theme but don’t have the time/knowledge to start from scratch? The Digital Statement theme has everything in place that you need to make a great looking magazine theme.

Why does it make a great framework? It makes a brilliant starting point for any magazine theme, with all the essentials in place.



2. Mimbo

Perhaps a slightly predictable choice, but the Mimbo theme makes a great framework, both as a magazine theme and a blog theme.

Why does it make a great framework? The features are there, it’s just up to you to do the styling.



1. NomeBlog

Yep. A biased choice, but hey nevermind. This theme makes an awesome framework.

Why does it make a great framework? The scope for customisation is huge, and the features list is over 1000 words long. Read it here.



And finally

I haven’t included any of the frameworks that advertise themselves as frameworks. Why? To be honest, I’m not a fan of them; I just find their code too bloated. Sure, Ian Stewart and Justin Tadlock are doing great work, it’s just their frameworks aren’t for me.

Got a favourite theme that makes an awesome framework? Leave a comment below and share it with the world (or at least part of it).

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  • shraqs says:

    Digital Statement is nice and clean themes but known compatibility problems with some browser such as IE and Safari. Works great on Firefox though. Thanks for sharing

  • hasan says:

    Justin's themehybrid is really great.

  • Nice job! Between these and the theme you released I hope to be able to redo my website and make it look nice without using PaddSolutions themes. They put ads in the footer and it drives me crazy.