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Everything You Should Know About Using Custom Scripts and Styles In WordPress

Published 19 Aug, 2014 under Theme Development


One of the most important things about WordPress is also one of the more initially confusing parts: how exactly do I add my own Javascript files and CSS sheets in “the WordPress way”? The WordPress way of adding stylesheets and script files has a number of advantages, but it’s also a bit complicated and confusing at first glance. And that’s the reason we’ll cover it today.

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Site Support: Understanding Your Options

Published 22 Aug, 2014 under Uncategorized

Continuing with his series on site support, this week Fred from Press Up Inc. offers some perspective on the different options available to site owners when they need help.

Whether you’re thinking of outsourcing your support work overseas, enrolling in a dedicated support service, or creating a retainer arrangement with the dev who created your site, it’s best to understand the the benefits and potential obstacles of each option to create a plan that will work for you.

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The Problem With Image Attachments In WordPress

Published 21 Aug, 2014 under Uncategorized

In this post Jeff Chandler explains a few changes to image data in the media library that are expected with WordPress 4.0.

Unfortunately, it doesn’t sound like the new version of WordPress will allow you to locate each post an individual image is used on. If you aren’t clear on the difference between attaching an image to a post and using an image already available in the media library, Jeff’s explanation of why this matters should save you a few headache’s down the road.

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WordPress and Drupal Teams Collaborate for Simultaneous Security Releases

Published 14 Aug, 2014 under Links, Security

For the first time, the WordPress and Drupal security teams have collaborated to release a patch for the vulnerability within a PHP XML parser used by XML-RPC.

The bug was first reported by a tech at the CRM Salesforce, and quickly fixed in both CMS platforms. (The resulting patch is the reason for the release of WordPress 3.9.2.) They say there’s rarely anything good in the news, so cheers for a testament to the strength of open source!

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Published 12 Aug, 2014 under Links, Promotions

A2 hosting WordPress giveawayHave a great idea for a website, but still need to get it online? WPShout is partnering with A2 Hosting to give away free WordPress hosting to three lucky readers!

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We're writing a full WordPress tutorial e-book. Would you like updates and a 25% discount when it ships?

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A2 WordPress hosting features high performance servers with amazing uptime, not to mention superb 24/7/365 support from their Guru Crew team, and the best developer tools out there. They’re developers too, so when a new technology comes along they’re just as eager to use it as you are.

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cPanel in WordPress: Which Tools You Need, and How to Use Them

Published 12 Aug, 2014 under Hosting, Tutorials, WordPress Development

cPanel for WordPress

In my WordPress work, I rarely go long without using cPanel, the server administration tool that most shared hosts offer their customers. cPanel’s visual interface looks like AOL used to look back when they were shipping CDs, but I’ve really come to love it because of the breadth of server administration tasks it makes possible (and even, on a good day, easy).

However, cPanel is not a fully standardized product across hosts: it carries a lot of add-ons of varying quality.

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