Screencast: Responsive Design Made Easy

I’ve written about responsive design here on WPShout before, but I don’t think I emphasised just how easy it is to do.

In this, the first screencast I’ve done here on WPShout for about two or three years, I take you through the very simple steps required to make your WordPress theme responsive.

I recorded this video because I needed to actually do this, and it’s such an easy process, it made sense to start recording! In the video I was working on my “personal” blog,, as well as Check them out!

For examples of all the code used, check out this tutorial.

Any feedback on the screencast, let me know; if this one works, I’ll do more in the future :)

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  • Alex, thanks for the detailed screen-cast. I never had an idea on how to make a WordPress theme responsive. I thought it needs a lot of PHP knowledge, but surprisingly just a piece of CSS code did the trick. Will be looking forward for more screencasts.


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