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A Complete Guide to Making Your First WordPress Widget

Published 29 Jul, 2014 under WordPress Development


Widgets are a powerful part of WordPress, and they’re a great way to enhance your site’s sidebar. Or your footer. Or your homepage. Or another part of your site that your theme maker thinks would look really good with some widgets.

For the uninitiated, a “widget” is just a WordPress word for a certain type of drag-and-drop build-block area of your site that is made available by a theme. There are tons of different possible widgets, and many built into WordPress.

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Win Big with WPSessions and Get Your Travel Expenses to WCSF Paid

Published 30 Jul, 2014 under Links, Promotions

WPSessions, the premium WordPress training service is giving their VIP Members a chance to win a $2000 cash prize to cover their WordCamp San Francisco travel expenses.

Three other lucky VIP Members will also win a full year membership to any other training site of their choice, up to $350. This could include Lynda, or Treehouse, or Tuts+, or whatever other site you’d like to join – even if it’s not strictly related to web development!

For a chance to win these top prizes you must be a WPSessions VIP Member. With the VIP Membership capped to 100 members you stand a 1 in 25 chance (or less) of winning a prize.

The contributors to the learning materials at WPSessions reads like a who’s who in WordPress, and includes content from Chris Lema, Cory Miller, Dre Armeda, and many more. A new course on creating your first WordPress plugin led by Pippin Williamson of Easy Digital Downloads and whole host of other popular plugins has just been added to the line-up.

With the draw taking place on August 1st, even if you aren’t a WPSessions VIP Member, you’ve still got time to sign up and throw your hat in the ring for a chance to win $2000 towards your WCSF travel expenses, or one of three memberships to another training site of your choice.

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Group Content Together to Create a Series or Course of Posts

Published 28 Jul, 2014 under Links, Tools

If you ever publish content on your website that is written as part of a series or course, then the free Simple Course Creator plugin is a great way to group that content together into an easy to navigate series.

The plugin adds a new taxonomy to your site titled “Courses” which joins the default WordPress category and tag taxonomies. The Simple Course Creator then displays a list of the other posts in the same course or series on each of the individual posts, so readers can easily find their way around the series.

You can see the plugin in action on the developer’s website or download it directly from the WordPress.org plugin directory, along with the other add-ons that are available for it.

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VPS.Net: Thanks for Being Our Content Partner This Week

Published 25 Jul, 2014 under Links

We’d like to take this opportunity to thank our content partner for this week who has been VPS.Net

VPS.Net offers a range of web hosting packages to suit new sites just starting out, through to high capacity managed hosting packages for more demanding websites.

For WordPress users, their WordPress Cloud Hosting packages are available over three tiers, with varying amounts of disk space, and unlimited bandwidth on all plans. VPS.Net also has 18 datacenters, spread across 5 continents, allowing you to choose the right location for your website and its audience. 

So if you are in the market for web hosting, be sure to check out VPS.Net.



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What Results Should You Expect from SEO?

Published 24 Jul, 2014 under Ideas, Links

Continuing the series of posts on SEO at WP Business Tips, the latest instalment takes a look at what kind of results you should expect from your SEO efforts.

If you are carrying out any SEO activities on your site and want to know how long to wait to see any return on your investment, or you have clients that are asking similar questions, then check out this post on SEO results and what to expect.

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Do We Need Any More WordPress Blogs About WordPress?

Published 23 Jul, 2014 under Ideas, Links

Over at WPLift Oli takes a look at the WordPress blogs about WordPress landscape to see how he would do things differently if starting a WP news blog now, four years after launching WPLift.

If you are thinking of blogging about WordPress, or have already started, then there are some good observations in the post, with some interesting comments that have been left in response.

As a WordPress blog reader, do you feel there are any sub-sets of WordPress and its community and ecosystem that are underserved by the current crop of WordPress blogs? If so, leave a comment to join the discussion over at WPLift.

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How Much Should a Custom WordPress Website Cost?

Published 21 Jul, 2014 under Ideas, Links

If you didn’t catch this post from Brian Krogsgard over at Post Status on how much should a custom WordPress website cost then you should take a look now.

Since being published the post has received a lot of comments, with some interesting discussion taking place. So if you did see it the first time around it’s worth going back to see how the conversation has developed.

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How Much a WordPress Website Should Cost

Published 18 Jul, 2014 under Ideas, Links

An outstanding article from Post Status that dares to enter the vague world of web development pricing and start to talk actual numbers. What’s more, they feel like the right numbers, at least to me. Everyone who’s buying or building websites should read this article.

Also notice how similar the article’s list of “problematic client traits that will cause a developer to charge more” is to our own post on the same topic. So these things are definitely real! If you’re looking to get a site built, keep them in mind and you could save yourself a lot of money.

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Thanks to Our Content Partner for This Week: VPS.Net

Published 18 Jul, 2014 under Links

We’d like to thank our content partner for this week who has been the web host VPS.Net.

Amongst the range of affordable hosting servics offered by VPS.Net are their WordPress Cloud Hosting packages which will be of interest to anyone looking for a web host optimized for WordPress. Their hosting plans are all scalable and are able to grow along with your needs.

If you are looking for a new host for your WordPress site, then why not check out VPS.Net and their range of competitively priced hosting packages.

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