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Announcing the 2014 WordPress Hosting Review

Published 09 Sep, 2014 under Hosting

Survey | WordPress Hosting Review

We’re really excited to announce the 2014 WPShout WordPress Hosting Review! First run in 2011, our annual Hosting Review aims to provide genuine, high-quality information on the hosts out there—powered by real data from real people.

The idea is simple. Below you’ll find a survey that asks how you feel about about your host(s). We’ll then collate all that data into a set of recommendations which will be published here on WPShout.

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What WordPress Themes Are

Published 12 Sep, 2014 under Ideas, Links

We all know that when you’ve been working with WordPress forever, it can be tricky to teach someone who’s completely new to it. If you’ve ever struggled to explain the difference between themes, plugins, and widgets to a client or intern, than you’ll definitely want to check out today’s post on our sister site WP Business Tips

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WordPress Theme Review Team to Launch Mentoring Program

Published 10 Sep, 2014 under Links, WordPress News

If you’ve ever been frustrated by how long it’s taken to get one of your newly developed WordPress themes reviewed and added to the WordPress.org theme directory, then this announcement should bring a big smile to your face! This week, WordPress put a call out for mentors who they will soon be pairing with new theme reviewers. With any luck, better training will improve the efficiency of reviewers working through the queue, and lead to great new themes being added quickly.

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Great Plugins: Easy Google Fonts

Published 08 Sep, 2014 under Links, Tools

If you’re looking for the easiest way possible to take full control of the typography on your WordPress site, you should definitely check out this plugin! The Easy Google Fonts Plugin by @titaniumthemes lets you draw on the full range of Google fonts, set CSS rules for which fonts will apply to which site elements, and preview how each font looks in the WordPress customizer, all without coding a thing! 

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How to Create a Quick Style Guide for Client Websites

Published 03 Sep, 2014 under Uncategorized

One of the challenges of developing a website in WordPress is making sure the original design is maintained once you’ve handed it over to a client.  If you’ve ever pulled up a site showcased in your portfolio only to discover that the site owner has tried to customize things themselves and ended up with six different fonts and an inconsistent color palette, you’ll want to consider including a style guide for your future projects. This post from WP Tavern explains how to quickly and painlessly create one for your clients.

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A Crash Course in AJAX for WordPress

Published 02 Sep, 2014 under WordPress Development


Fred and I were just talking the other day about how initially-confusing the way you do Ajax requests in WordPress was to us. Both of us, completely independently, encountered a plugin we were trying to understand, knew was using Ajax, and couldn’t for the life of us tell how. It’s just not obvious when you’re new to all the concepts involved.

And if you’re unsure what Ajax does, or even means, have no fear.

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