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Programming is Storytelling

Published 29 Aug, 2014 under Coding, Ideas, Links

This week, WP Shout’s own David Hayes offers some great insight on programming over at the Press Up Inc. blog. If you’ve ever had your coding flow ruined when you decided to change a piece of your user-interface then this article might be just what you need to prevent future headaches. David’s explanation of the three different types of storytelling inherent in programming will help you create better cognitive boundaries in your work, saving you time and frustration.

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_s_backbone: A WordPress Starter Theme Based on Underscores and Backbone.js

Published 28 Aug, 2014 under Free Themes, Theme Customization, Theme Development, Uncategorized, WordPress Development

The Underscores WordPress starter theme saw a flurry of activity on GitHub in this week, including a new theme based off of Underscores that incorporates the WordPress REST API Backbone.js client. If you’re familiar with Underscores, the _s_backbone theme is a nice starting point for learning more about using the API in a theme. 

As the web is shifting to a more JavaScript reliant place, Backbone the easiest way for you to add and customize infinite scroll to your website and will be a great place for developers to create their own Backbone-powered features. 

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Announcing Our Winners for the A2 Hosting Giveaway!

Published 27 Aug, 2014 under Links

We’re happy to announce that we’ve selected the winners for the A2 Hosting giveaway! Thank you to everyone who sent us comments and tweets! We loved hearing your ideas! 

And our winners are (insert drum roll)…

Laurel for her plan to start an easy-to-schedule green cleaning business serving the Kansas City metro area. Laurel has found other green cleaning services to be a big nuisance for customers to schedule. Her new website will solve this problem, while also having a positive impact on the environment and fulfilling her dream of becoming a small business owner! Keep an eye out for her site to launch late this year!

Bill plans on launching a site that will bring together Men’s faith groups in nine different parish’s near Racine, Wisconsin. He’ll be doing development with a friend and hopes to see a version of his site up and running within a month. We’re excited to help him support his community by getting information into the hands of the people who need it!

And last but not least, our new Twitter follower @wpthemeinfo! Doash submitted an idea to build an online blood bank, after learning that one in ten people going into the hospital need blood. We were very intrigued by this idea and are excited to see how it works later on!

Big thanks to A2 Hosting for their generosity this month, and to all that participated! If you didn’t win this time, we’d still love to help you get your idea off the ground! Tweet us your questions @wpshout and get our WordPress Themes Ebook for free when you sign up for the WP Shout mailing list!

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Why You Should Write Meaningful WordPress Meta Keys

Published 25 Aug, 2014 under Coding, Links, Tutorials, WordPress Development

If you’ve ever built themes, plugins, or applications with WordPress,then you’ve probably had to deal with saving information to the database. In this post, Tom McFarlin offers his advice on naming conventions for meta keys. Choosing the right key names will help keep your code sensible, cohesive, and maintainable over time.

Part of a larger discussion on variable naming which we’ve recently weighed in on at Press Up. Enjoy!

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Site Support: Understanding Your Options

Published 22 Aug, 2014 under Uncategorized

Continuing with his series on site support, this week Fred from Press Up Inc. offers some perspective on the different options available to site owners when they need help.

Whether you’re thinking of outsourcing your support work overseas, enrolling in a dedicated support service, or creating a retainer arrangement with the dev who created your site, it’s best to understand the the benefits and potential obstacles of each option to create a plan that will work for you.

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The Problem With Image Attachments In WordPress

Published 21 Aug, 2014 under Links, WordPress News

In this post Jeff Chandler explains a few changes to image data in the media library that are expected with WordPress 4.0.

Unfortunately, it doesn’t sound like the new version of WordPress will allow you to locate each post an individual image is used on. If you aren’t clear on the difference between attaching an image to a post and using an image already available in the media library, Jeff’s explanation of why this matters should save you a few headaches down the road.

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Everything You Should Know About Using Custom Scripts and Styles In WordPress

Published 19 Aug, 2014 under Theme Development


One of the most important things about WordPress is also one of the more initially confusing parts: how exactly do I add my own Javascript files and CSS sheets in “the WordPress way”? The WordPress way of adding stylesheets and script files has a number of advantages, but it’s also a bit complicated and confusing at first glance. And that’s the reason we’ll cover it today.

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