Screencast 1: Creating a Lifestream with Sweetcron



Kicking off an exciting new screencast series here on Nometech, we’re going to be creating a ‘custom lifestream’ with Sweetcron.

A what-stream? A lifestream. Basically, a lifestream collects all the Diggs, all the Tweets, all the blog posts etc you’ve splattered around the web and puts them in one place.

What we’re going to be creating – the image above is a screen of the result of my lifestream, which is totally unedited since I did the screencast. Check out for a live demo.

Oh, and yes. I’m British. And sorry I sound a bit bored.

Download the video in .MP4, iPod compatible format

Links from the screencast –

Any comments leave one below or drop me an email through the contact form. I’d love to hear any feedback.

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