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White Screen of Death? Turn on WP_DEBUG

WordPress people will often talk about the “white screen of death” or WSOD. They’re referring to when a WordPress site just stops making web pages and instead offers only a giant white field. This is intimidating for anyone, but especially new developers who’ve never seen it before. Generally the issue will be caused by a plugin or theme that has gone wrong. But knowing which and why is not clear.

Easy Social Sharing with AddToAny

The importance of social media to marketing success on the internet today is hard to understate. It basically is the avenue of marketing success on the internet. I’d add that social share buttons are hardly a solution to finding marketing success on the social media, but helping your audience share you content does markedly make them more likely to do so. (For real success you need more difficult things like engagement with and from your followers, etc.)

Prevent Brute Force Attacks with Limit Login Attempts

zombies at gate

Many people are worried about WordPress security. The core project is secure (if updated) but that doesn’t stop people form worrying. That said, it doesn’t mean that there is no benefit from taking steps to harden the base configuration. I personally dislike most “security” plugins–they feel too big to me and the benefits they confer are small or unknown.

Using WP_Query Your First Time: A Shortcode to Show Post Titles

Using WP_Query for the first time can be scary. If you’re an established programmer who is well acquainted with object-oriented programming, it’s pretty easy. But if you’re not you need to use WordPress’s looping concept, and an object, for the first time, and it’s a lot to take in. Don’t get overwhelmed. Copying and pasting the first few (dozen) times is how everyone learns. My hope is that the video gives you some understanding though:

How to Change the Post Type of a Piece of Content

One of the best features of WordPress is that it’s easy to make powerful post types (content types) purpose-built for different display and related needs. One of the unfortunate things is that the editing experince is so similar accross those post types that it’s easy to accidently create a “Post” when you meant to make a “Quick Guide”. But you don’t need to resort to elaborate copy-and-pasting to remedy that problem. There’s a plugin for exactly that purpose: Post Type Switcher.