A Survey of the JavaScript Landscape for WordPress Developers

Posted in Front-End Development

JavaScript has been a growing topic in the WordPress ecosystem for almost as long as it has existed, but a few recent events are forcing people to pay attention with even more urgency. First, in the last few years JavaScript has gotten ever more important to the topic of web development in general for reasons of user perception of speed, application richness, and more.

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Gentle Introduction to Functional PHP for WordPress Developers: Using Filter and Map on Arrays of Posts

Posted in Back-End Development
Pen function |functional programming in WordPress

Fred’s post last week was about filtering through arrays of posts and ordering them. He foreached through arrays, and then used PHP’s usort() function to get a list of alphabetized posts with comments open. That got me thinking a little bit about a topic I very briefly touched on in my summary of the JavaScript ecosystem: functional programming.