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The Mindset of Security

Published 24 Sep, 2014 under Ideas, Links

Security isn’t about the right passwords, upgrades, and plugins, it’s about you doing what’s right. This great post by Mika Epstein (based on her recent talk at WordCamp LAX) addresses what you can do to combat WordPress ignorance and ensure you’re making good choices to keep your site secure.

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Two Key Principles for Understanding WordPress Functions

Published 23 Sep, 2014 under Tutorials, WordPress Development

two hand | two principles of wordpress functions

If you don’t understand WordPress functions, your code will do a lot of things the hard way.

One of WordPress’s greatest strengths is its library of hundreds of predefined PHP functions. These functions are the correct way to do a lot of crucial things—everything from writing reliable permalinks inside a plugin to retrieving the username of a post’s author to querying the WordPress database directly.

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Truly Useful Testing for Websites (part 1)

Published 22 Sep, 2014 under Ideas, Links

We all love the creative part of working on a new web development project. Unfortunately, when it’s time to make sure everything’s working correctly, it’s all too easy for that enjoyment to be replaced by frustration. This post by Josh Koenig covers the benefits of implementing test automation so the robots can take on your annoying repetitive work, and you can get back to what you do best.

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Choosing the Perfect WordPress Theme: Free vs. Premium Themes

Published 19 Sep, 2014 under Ideas, Links

Whether you’re new to WordPress and are trying to navigate how to pick the right theme, or are already consulting as WordPress developer and are having a hard time steering your clients towards a design that will really work, it’s helpful to have a solid understanding of the benefits and limitations of your options. This post from our sister site WP Business Tips provides a clear explanation of both the good and bad elements of free and premium themes, which will leave you feeling empowered to make the right decision for your site.

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Adding Multiple Post Terms

Published 18 Sep, 2014 under Links, Tutorials

Here’s a great post from Tom McFarlin on adding multiple post terms to a single post. Tom writes about it in the context of importing a lot of post data from a CSV file, and having a bit of code that looks something like this:


So how to get red, blue, and white onto the product_color taxonomy for the mittens post all at once? Tom’s got your answer. The code itself could be used in a range of situations, so take a look! Also recommended as a good way to check your understanding of how taxonomies work, and what “taxonomies” and “terms” really mean.

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3.7 Million Comments Later, Here’s Where Net Neutrality Stands

Published 17 Sep, 2014 under Links, WordPress News

If you used the internet at all last week, chances are you noticed pop-ups on some of your favorite websites (WordPress, Netflix, etc…) asking you to sign a petition to protect internet freedom and defend net neutrality. Net neutrality is a big issue for owners of small sites because without it there could quite realistically be a day that your blog or website is not allowed to be fast. While the window of time for the public to weigh in on the issue has closed, today’s article from NPR’s All Tech Considered explains what’s still on the table and what’s happening now as the FCC is making their decision.

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Understanding the JSON API, XML-RPC, and Remote Publishing to Your WordPress Site

Published 16 Sep, 2014 under WordPress Development


One of the hallmark features of WordPress 4.1 — yes we just got WordPress 4.0, and you’re right, it is really awesome — is likely to be a new way to remotely publish to WordPress: the hallowed “JSON REST API.” But for a lot of people, I know that that sounds like a whole lot of random meaningless letters. So my goal is to explain the current state of remote publishing and control of WordPress sites, how the forthcoming JSON API impacts that, and what it all means.

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How Matt’s Machine Works

Published 15 Sep, 2014 under Links, WordPress News

If you’ve ever been curious about how Automattic and the other ventures run by WordPress founder Matt Mullenweg function as a business, check out this post over at Fast Co. Labs. Not only is it a great overview of the history of WordPress, but readers also get an in-depth look at Matt’s unconventional, but highly effective management style.

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What WordPress Themes Are

Published 12 Sep, 2014 under Ideas, Links

We all know that when you’ve been working with WordPress forever, it can be tricky to teach someone who’s completely new to it. If you’ve ever struggled to explain the difference between themes, plugins, and widgets to a client or intern, than you’ll definitely want to check out today’s post on our sister site WP Business Tips

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