Move Your wp-content Area

Just a quick tip today, but a favourite of mine. Moving your wp-content area. Why would you want to do this? It looks just that bit nicer to have your images uploaded to /media/ than /wp-content/. In this post we’ll learn how to tell WordPress to upload images and other media to /media/.

Really easy this. Click on ‘Miscellaneous’ under ‘Settings’ and then you’ll be presented with a screen looking something like this:

Changing the upload directory is as easy as changing the top field to anything you like – ‘media’ will upload images to, ‘images’ will upload images to It’s a really simple to do and look just that much better. I think anyway.

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  • It is even better to move all those files to a subdomain to allow your visitor’s browser more parallel HTTP requests.

    If the local directory of your subdomain is /www/htdocs/username/_subdomain_files/ write this path into the first field and the public address (eg. into the second.
    .-= Thomas Scholz´s last blog ..Designlinks 9 =-.

    • Thanks Alex for this tip. Hadn’t even thought about changing it. The source would definitely look much nicer with “media” or something like that.

      @Thomas: that’s a good point. And although some might not agree with this method because is reduces the number of DNS lookups, this method really works.
      .-= Indrek´s last blog ..How To Run Multiple Instances Of Conky =-.

    • Alex Denning

      It’s debatable whether this actually has any effect, but theoretically it’s a good idea. Even better would be to employ Amazon S3, something I’m looking at at the mo.

  • Useful tip, thanks – but be aware there are still a number of rogue plugins that expect a path similar to “”, so altering your wp-content path might break some plugins. Check your site to make sure.

  • good for new blogs but for existing blogs, you will need to do redirect with mod_rewrite
    .-= Liew Cheon Fong´s last blog ..Top 5 Antivirus Programs for Windows 7 =-.

    • Alex Denning

      It won’t move anything, only stuff you upload from change onwards.