Thesis 2.0 & The State of Premium Frameworks

Published 15 Oct, 2012 under Premium Themes

At the start of the month, DIYThemes launched the latest version of their hugely successful theme framework, Thesis.

Due to Thesis’ closed-source licensing, outside the tight-knit Thesis community, it is, to be honest, a little bit of a taboo to talk, write about Thesis unless you’re giving it a hard time.

I’m not setting out here to give Thesis a hard time, but I am setting out to look at what the launch of the latest version of the framework says about premium WordPress themes at the moment, specifically premium “frameworks”.

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A Guide For Selling WordPress Themes

Published 08 Jul, 2010 under Premium Themes

Recently there’s been a lot of (mis) information around about “how to start your own premium WordPress themes site”. They make all make it sound fairly easy: just make a design, hack it into a WordPress theme, buckle on a zillion theme options using the old Woo options panel and you have yourself a wonderful theme that’ll make you rich.

Not so, this tutorial explains some of the things to look out for when building a premium theme.

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The State of Premium WordPress Themes

Published 17 May, 2010 under Premium Themes

Premium themes are, in fact, great. They mean people can happily spend time building them, refining them and supporting them. They mean that themes can stop being good and start becoming great and even more importantly, the themes can innovate WordPress, the platform they’re all dependant on (we’ll come to that later). In this article we’ll look at what’s next for premium themes and what kind of legacy they’re leaving behind.

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Premium Frameworks Reviewed

Published 15 Mar, 2010 under Premium Themes

Of late commercial frameworks have started appearing everywhere. This post will try and make sense of it all, comparing Frugal, Headway, Builder, Genesis and Elemental. That’s all the commercial frameworks I could think of bar Thesis, who didn’t reply to me emails. This is an unbiased, unaffiliated look at what your options are if you want something to build more WordPress sites off.

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On Modded Premium Themes

Published 08 Jan, 2010 under Premium Themes

As someone who quite likes being controversial from time to time, I thought I’d vent some steam on people releasing “modded” premium themes. This post attempts to take an unbiased view, considering both sides and producing a coherent and acceptable conclusion backed by evidence. Attempts, anyway…

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