Affiliate Marketing For WordPress

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In recent weeks I’ve been trying to diversify WPShout’s income — you’ll notice that Shout now sports some links in the sidebar pointing to WooThemes and WPWebHost, both using affiliate links to do so. There are a couple of ways I’m now handling my affiliate marketing through my WordPress Dashboard and this post will run down the different ways I’m now doing this.

Why WordPress?

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Nearly two years ago now, I asked a number of members of the WordPress community why they used WordPress. Over those last two years WordPress has changed vastly and thus it’s time to update that post with the reasons I still use WordPress in 2011.

10 Ways To Improve Your WordPress Blog’s SEO

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Some argue that SEO, or search engine optimization is a whole load of tosh, and whilst they may have a point to an extent, there are a couple of easy things you can do that should improve your blog’s SEO. That said, take everything with a pinch of salt; don’t implement these features and elect to shoot up search rankings. From my time blogging, the only thing I’ve found really helps is getting backlinks from large blogs. Anyway. Let’s get to it: to easy methods to improve your WordPress blog’s SEO.