An Economist’s Look: Competition in the WordPress Theme Marketplace

Published 25 Feb, 2013 under Editorial, Landing

I was doing some writing for Siobhan recently, and one of the topics I was covering was WordPress theme shops, and the economy that’s built up around them.

As a former Economics student, I got thinking about how the Premium Theme marketplace has built up from those early days of Revolution Themes over the last couple of years; how the market is structured and what that market structure means for consumers.

That thought process has lead me to this post, where I’m going to run you through the current state of the marketplace, what impact that has and what that means for consumers.


Before we start, a little bit of Economics background: we’ll be looking at things like barriers to entry, which are just any elements of the market which make entry by new businesses difficult, economies of scale which are benefits enjoyed by larger businesses and the aforementioned market structures which is, well, how the market is structured.

Those structures might be things like a monopoly, oligopoly or perfect competition. Take note of these fancy words, we’ll be using them again later!

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“Blogging Tips”… With A Twist: Introducing BlogBettr

Published 07 Jan, 2013 under Landing

Ever since I started blogging, nearly four years ago now, I’ve been fascinated with tracking analytics, tweaking copy and working out how changing little things impacts the “success” of that post.

Here on WPShout I’ve started making little changes here and there and through posts like Effective Landing Pages and my last post here I’ve started to share those techniques, tips and tricks I’ve picked up along the way.

It’s clear, though, from the analytics I’ve been tracking so religiously, that not everyone’s too interested in these fascinating discoveries I’m making.

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Free eBook: WordPress Blogging Guide

Published 26 Jul, 2012 under Downloads, Featured, Landing

The cover of the free eBook - WordPress Blogging Guide

Traffic stagnating? Visitors staying away? Need to kick start your WordPress? This free eBook is for you.

The WordPress Blogging Guide, is a how-to for becoming a kick-ass blogger with WordPress. It consists of nearly fifty pages and six thousand words of content, in three sections:

  1. Blogging Essentials
  2. Monetization
  3. Social & Analytics

What’s more, it’s completely free! Download it today:

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Why WordPress?

Published 02 Dec, 2011 under Hosting, Landing, Marketing

Nearly two years ago now, I asked a number of members of the WordPress community why they used WordPress. Over those last two years WordPress has changed vastly and thus it’s time to update that post with the reasons still use WordPress in 2011.

1. The themes

Nodoubt you’ve heard about WordPress’ free and premium themes. These are undoubtedly one of the main attractions to WordPress and certainly the reason many people use it over other CMSes.

If you’re after free WordPress themes, the likes of Smashing Magazine are the places to look. Be wary of downloading themes from sites which exist solely to link to batches of themes as they often sneak in their own backlinks, using encrypted PHP to do so. Stick to places like the WordPress Theme Directory and roundups from reputable sites such as Smashing Magazine.

However, a huge market has sprung up around paid WordPress themes and you can get some exquisitely designed themes for $50 or so. Even if you don’t want an out-of-the-box theme, you can still use one of the many frameworks available to build your site around, thus saving time (and money!).

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