WordPress’s Conservatism: The Best Worst Thing

Posted in Editorial

At the end of last week, there was a bit of action on the front of the WP (JSON) REST API finally and fully arriving in WordPress core so it can be used universally by plugins and projects without the need for installing an extra plugin. The summary: it’s probably not happening in 4.5, and it may even be some time later than 4.6. (Here’s Sarah Gooding’s story on the Tavern, Adam Silverstein’s meeting summary at make.wordpress.org.) I have opinions on that matter, but this is not an article about them. Rather, it’s an article about why this didn’t really surprise me, and where my lack of surprise comes from. This topic has been on my ideas list for a long time, and these events just pushed me to finally publish it.

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Gentle Introduction to Functional PHP for WordPress Developers: Using Filter and Map on Arrays of Posts

Posted in Back-End Development
Pen function |functional programming in WordPress

Fred’s post last week was about filtering through arrays of posts and ordering them. He foreached through arrays, and then used PHP’s usort() function to get a list of alphabetized posts with comments open. That got me thinking a little bit about a topic I very briefly touched on in my summary of the JavaScript ecosystem: functional programming.