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Using PHP Cookies in WordPress

Posted in Back-End Development

I’ve always been scared of creating PHP cookies. Cookies are an extremely widely used web technology consisting of little pieces of data that live on your device and remember things: for example, the last product you browsed on Amazon, or whether you’re already logged-in to Gmail. As common as they are, though, cookies have always felt like a spooky piece of web architecture that I presumed would be painful and complex to implement.

Core Concepts of WordPress Themes: The Template Hierarchy

Posted in Back-End Development

We recently released Up and Running, which we think is one of the best places a user, designer, or non-WordPress developer can start to get their mind around the concepts of WordPress development. One of the topics that the book covers well that we’d never covered at length on the site is the template hierarchy. The template hierarchy is the codified way that WordPress interacts with your theme.