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WordPress 3.9 is out!

Published 16 Apr, 2014 under Links, WordPress News

It’s a big news day in WordPress land: WordPress 3.9 (“Smith”) is out.

Some great early resources on the release:

Andrew Nacin led the development, as well as last week’s concurrent security releases to WordPress 3.7 and 3.8. The community really owes him an amazing amount.

Time to start updating! Shouldn’t break anything, but if it does, we can help.

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Organizing Your WordPress Data: Understanding Custom Taxonomies vs Custom Fields

Published 15 Apr, 2014 under WordPress Development


WordPress, as any good content management system should, offers a couple really useful ways to store data about your content. You can attach to your content-types — which for better worse still go by the name “posts” in much of WordPress — two importantly distinct kinds of data. A question that comes up after you start to get a sense of these two types: which one do I use where? What are trade-offs between them? That is exactly what we’ll try to answer here.

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Is it time for sliders to exit stage left?

Published 14 Apr, 2014 under Ideas, Links, Uncategorized

This post at the Yoast blog has a pretty thorough takedown of the “Homepage slider,” with links to a lot of studies showing that they drive down traffic and conversions, plus an elegantly irritating demo of why they can be a bad idea.

There is some creative stuff being done with sliders, which I think might fall outside this discussion. The newly released Infinite Slider is a cool, somewhat Pinterest-like way to serve your posts—albeit one that can run into problems with ad blockers.

But thinking about the average slider… well, its six seconds of fame may be over.

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Adam Brown’s Hooks List

Published 11 Apr, 2014 under Tools

There’s not really a shortage of ways to find WordPress hooks, filters, functions, and more. It was actually Jeff Chandler’s story about Hookr.io — a new entrant into the field — that reminded me of this one which I remember from years ago. It’s not especially pretty, but it’s a deep resource that makes it easy to jump from a list of hooks to where they sit in the source once you get the hang of it.

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The WordPress Voice and Tone Survey: Results

Published 08 Apr, 2014 under Editorial

Morpheus red pill blue pill | WordPress voice tone survey

This survey continues a post from around a month ago discussing the tone and voice of WordPress’s written content, and recommending a community-approved writing style guide.

The post led to a lively discussion about the nature and aims of WordPress content. This survey is an effort to get a sense of what the WordPress community as a whole thinks.

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